Cracking the Code: Understanding the Motive of Those Who Batter

Understanding their Different Motives and the Connection to Risk

In this workshop, Dorthy “cracks the code”: bringing to the practitioner an understanding of the different types of batterers who have different motives, display different behaviors, and present different dangers to their victim and to their community. The commonality among batterers—their desire to dominate and control—has been understood for a long time. Unfortunately, their differences have eluded researchers and professionals for years, making it difficult to provide effective response. This workshop provides information that unlocks the mystery of domestic violence, and provides practical information that will change and enhance your response. Training can be offered in 4, 6 or 8 hour events.

Comments from this training:


“I loved the breakdown of motives with specific case study examples—easy to comprehend!” –Victim Advocate

“The types of batterers information was extremely helpful in understanding DV”—Victim Advocate

“Amazing training! Enjoyed all of the info and feel like I learned a ton. Thankful for the real life examples as well.”—Victim

 “4 hours not enough—great info!”—Victim Advocate


“I found the objective view and explanation of motives very helpful for my work.” –Parole Officer

“The true examples of different classification of batterers was most helpful.”—Parole

 “Excellent training!”—Parole Officer


“Stories that helped explain the types of domestic aggressor will be helpful for me.”—Patrolmman

“Everything was helpful!” ---Patrolman

 “Keep up the good work. Learned a lot about the types of batterers.”—Police Office

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