FPI's Youth Initiative

About our Programming

FPI provides services with compassion, integrity, and expertise where youth are treated with respect and consideration.  We meet youth where they’re at in their personal journey and help them as they work toward self-improvement, to build healthy relationships and families, and achieve personal success.

Our Youth Programming consists of two different curricula: one for the community and facility settings, and another for social emotional learning in education settings for middle and high school students. FPI can facilitate classes for your organization, or train your staff to facilitate. The essential components of our approach include:

  • YouthCover.jpgA trauma-focused lens
  • A duration of 16 weeks
  • 1 hour to 1.5 hour sessions
  • Hope-science, cognitive-behavioral and trauma-informed activities
  • An ability to weave this approach into the organizational culture to reinforce key elements for transformational change
  • Extensive staff training and support

Many justice-involved youth have experienced trauma. Our approach helps youth address trauma as well as accept accountability for the impact of their behaviors toward others. Youth develop foundational skills surrounding building healthy relationships and healthy families in this program. 

If you’re interested in installing these groups in your community, school, or facility, contact us for more information about training and support.

Preview our community and facility curriculum here.
Preview our educational curriculum here.

Our Shawnee County Continuum of Care Approach

Currently, Family Peace Initiative provides trauma-focused groups for justice-involved youth in Shawnee County, Kansas. Our programming serves youth in multiple settings, both within facilities and in the community. With our continuum of care approach, youth are able to participate in our Youth Initiative Program while incarcerated and can seamlessly continue engagement in a community-based program upon release. This includes those on diversion, county detention, court services, community corrections, or state corrections.

What can I expect?

The community and facility curriculum is a 16-week course spreading across a minimum of four months. In accordance with program requirements, participants must earn related credits to complete the program. Credits are earned by completing:

  • An initial assessment
  • Orientation and non-violence participation agreement 
  • Youth Initiative Course Workbook 
  • Twice weekly, or weekly group sessions  
  • Final Completion Letter

While there are exceptions, in most cases, groups are funded by a variety of sources at no cost to the participating youth.

Current Groups

We currently provide community/facility groups for the following: Shawnee County Juvenile Detention Center (JDC), Shawnee County Court Services, Shawnee County Community Corrections, Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex, and through the POP Project as noted below.  We currently provide an educational group at Avondale.

Diversion & Mediation

The POP Project is a Shawnee County diversion and mediation service provided in collaboration with the Topeka Center for Peace and Justice. In order to meet the terms of diversion, some youth are required to attend the FPI’s 16-week Youth Initiative Program in addition to a mediation process. Referrals can be made by calling the FPI Office at 785-350-2858. The location for these group sessions is the FPI Office, 200 SW 33rd, Topeka, KS. 

To request additional information, please contact us. (785-350-2858)